Our association is the implementer of the project 00880/2020/RRC “Support of agrotourism and adventure tourism in Razová” co-financed by the Moravian-Silesian Region. The project enabled us to build a better background for adventure activities, which we would like to offer tourists who come here to the dam Slezská Harta.

The transformation of the existing unsuitable shelter into a larger multifunctional facility enabled – thanks to greater independence from the weather (during activities we are protected from strong sun and rain) – a significant extension of the active season for visitors and the implementation of new adventure activities for the public. Extending the season will allow us to welcome more visitors. The shelter also includes a larger and safer covered mooring for horses.

We also equipped the tourist facilities with an electric kettle, a waste bin, a sandwich maker, a coffee pot, plastic sets of benches and a table, and a bicycle stand.

For newly created experiential activities, we acquired functional wooden models of animals, enabling an increase in the intensity of the experience of the realized experience. In addition to the implemented activities, these wooden animals will be freely accessible to children’s visitors under the supervision of parents in the association’s premises (eg for photography). The increase in the safety of visitors during activities with horses was made possible by the purchase of safety riding helmets, spine protectors and safety riding vests.