Tips for trips

Razovsky tufits

Former tufit a quarry, lying in close proximity to the dam. The mining here is from the volcanic activity of opposite volcanoes Velký and Malý Roudný. It was mined in blocks, which were further used mainly in the construction industry. Now this is a place with a distinctive charm, a favorite place for organizing wedding ceremonies.

Lime furnace

The round stone furnace used once to burn limestone is hidden in the forests between Razová and Leskovec. The furnace is publicly accessible and is one of our technical monuments.

Ferry Razova – Roudno

The ferry again connects the villages that the dam split years ago. It always departs at regular hourly intervals and transports bikes or strollers in addition to persons.

Voyage of Slezská Harta

You can also enjoy the unique atmosphere of the dam during an hour-long cruise on the scenic boat Santa Maria, which departs from Leskovec or on the Harta electric boat with stops in villages around the district of Silesian Harta. In addition, you can rent electric boats or pedalboats in Leskovec and Nová Pláň and paddleboards in Mezina.

Velký Roudný Lookout Tower

The volcanic peaks of Velký and Malý Roudný are the dominant supremacy of the whole area. At the top of the larger one is a chapel and also a wooden lookout tower, which will give its visitors breathtaking views of the dam itself and the far-flung surroundings.

Lava flow near Mezina

Venus volcano

Educational trails for volcanoes

Coal Hill

Bruntál Castle

Bike tips

6162 – Nové Heřminovy – Leskovec nad Moravicí

Cycle route course: 0.00 km Nové Heřminovy › 13.50 km Dlouhá Stráň › 19.00 km Razová › 26.00 km Leskovec nad Moravicí

503 Nový Jičín – Leskovec n. Moravicí – Krnov

Cycle route course: 0.00 km Nový Jičín › 15.00 km Odra › 33.00 km Vítkov › 42.50 km Kružberk › 53.00 km Bohdanovice › 57.7 km Leskovec n. Moravicí › 79.00 km Zátor › 89.90 km Krnov

6142 Silesian Harta – Štěrkovec

Cycle route course: 0.00 km dam Slezská Harta › 5.50 km Bílčice › 11.50 km Roudno › 18.00 km Nová Pláň › 21.00 km Valšov › 26.50 km Břidličná › 41.50 km Štěrkovec